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    There is an ocean of choices when you choose to subscribe to the DirecTV service. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the top channel packages that you can choose from.


    Here goes the list of the base plans from DirecTV,


    • Select
    • Entertainment
    • Choice
    • Xtra
    • Ultimate
    • Premier

    At affordable costs, each of these plans vary only by the number of channels whereas, the quality remains undeterred. Starting from a meager $35 per month, your expense on DirecTV can go up to $110 without considering any add-ons. If you want to go overboard and also subscribe to a la carte channels, then we have a list for that too.

  • A la carte choices

    • Filipino Direct – at $37.99 per month get your favorite channels such as Cinema One Global, DZMM, GMA Life TV
    • TFC Direct – this costs just around $27 per month and airs channels such as ABS and CBN News Channel
    • Italian Direct – a special plan for our Italian friends covering channels such as Mediaset Italia, Rai Italia and Rai News 24
    • KoreanDirect Lite – with channels such as Arirang TV, SBS HD and National Geographic Korea, the plan would cost you just $19.99

    With these affordable choices, you must get your hands on a DirecTV subscription right away.

    Though DirecTV has constantly been challenged by several media houses with competitive packages, it has always stood on top with a huge following.

  • Ultimate All Included Packages

    This is one of the best choices for any DirecTV subscriber as it has numerous channels lined up to entertain you. Moreover, at an affordable cost, you can also add additional channels to this plan. With this subscription, you also get a Genie HD DVR to complement your TV viewing experience.

    • Fox Business Network
    • Fox Sports
    • Big ten network
    • Bravo
    • Canal One
    • Celebrity shopping
    • CSPAN
    • El Rey
    • ESPN
    • ESPN News
    • Freeform
    • God TV
    • Justice Central
    • LIVEK
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  • This is definitely not the end of the list and you can learn more from our representatives.

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